Welcome to the Clay Panthers Football Web page Football To whom it may concern, The Clay Panthers are looking for people. Not just any people, but people who would like to participate in the rewarding activity known as coaching football. To be completely honest, it is a time-consuming activity - four days per week, for, at least, three months – and carries with it a lot of responsibility (you will be dealing with children). We are looking for people who are committed, dedicated and have the best interest of the players in mind. We are not looking for people who want to “win at all costs.” We expect our coaches to teach the correct things correctly, concentrate on their players’ effort and people who say what the mean and mean what they say. As stated earlier, we deal with children. Young children, from the ages of 5 to 12, are what we’re talking about. Their trust, confidence and futures (to a certain extent) will be in your hands. We take this responsibility very seriously very seriously! We worry much more about preparing them for life, than we do about preparing them to win the next game. Winning is nice. There is nothing wrong with winning. How we win, and the cost of winning is another thing we take very seriously.  We require our coaches to treat every player, during practices and games, as if they are as integral to the team’s success as any other player. We don’t believe in “minimum plays,” unless it is due to safety and/or discipline. We expect each player to be taught, coached and treated as if they are an important part of the team. We believe that if a player is taught, properly, what to do, why he/she is being taught to do it and his/her effort is focused upon, success will follow. If you are dedicated to the best interests of the players you will be coaching, if you take the terms, stated above, as seriously as we do and if you would like to participate in an activity that is morally and emotionally rewarding as any other, please contact us.